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The First Step to Make your Dreams Come True

July 4th, 2008 Posted in advice, goals, personal

In my last post about the positives I received from suffering from a major illness I mentioned my ultimate to-do list.

Basically while bed ridden for 18 months I wrote a list of everything I wanted to do once I got out of that bed.

To me there is nothing more inspiring. It contains every major thing I wish to achieve in my life and so far I have ticked off quite a few.

So let’s get you started on your way to achieving your dreams.

First step is to get a sheet of paper. Although I keep my list primarily on the computer, initially brain storming on a piece of paper is better.

With an A4 sheet aim to fill the whole page with goals today.

It does not matter how crazy, impossible or easy the goals are – write them down. If it is something you have ever wanted to see, hear, do… write it down.

Start by thinking of what you would like to achieve. I would like to set a Guinness World Record, participate in some form of world championship and go rock climbing.

Then move on to places you will like to go to. I’d like to live for at least six months in Europe, go to Carnival in Rio and spend some time on a private island.

What would you like to learn? I want to learn to dance in Buenos Aires while maybe you would like to learn to surf in Hawaii or Florianopolis.

Who would you like to meet? My list includes Sir Richard Branson, perhaps the cast of your favourite TV show or Nelson Mandela is more your style.

Then think about your big passions. what important things would you like to do involving them. For me I love car racing and writing for instance. So quite a lot of my goals revolve around these two things. I want to write and publish a book, I wanted to create this blog, to work for a top car racing and motorbike team (done and done) and I want to compete in at least 3 car races for a decade (progress).

Get some inspiration by looking at other peoples lists. I recently discovered a great sites filled with ideas and peoples lists. You can even use the site to keep track of your goals.

Take a break and come back to the list in a few hours or even a few days. Add more.

No matter how impossible or silly it seems – write it down.

Once you’re finished do not just forget about your list. Schedule to review it every few months. My list is never complete, I review, add to and even remove some things from it.

Continue on to part 2 of this post – The Vital Steps to Make your Dreams True. It will show you how to turn that list of dreams into a raft of accomplishments and great memories.

P.S. Between posts here on the blog I completed my first guest post. I talked about the importance of failure and persistence in order to achieve success with some great quotes and examples from Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Pablo Picasso, Richard Branson, Calvin Coolidge and Michael Jordan. Please head on over to and check it out.

P.P.S. It’s great to see the stats on the site increasing. I’ve now had a hit from every continent (except Antarctica) and a handful have subscribed to my feed. A big thanks to everyone who has been reading – have an awesome day.

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