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Picking Fights To Succeed

April 6th, 2009 Posted in advice, goals, personal, writing

Who is your enemy, your rival?

After my recent posts about the rivalry between the worlds most famous inventors and ideas, I began thinking about major achievements/advancements and how they come about.

Competition is something that brings out the best in most people. We push ourselves that little further in a race than we would just training on our own.

Whether it is the thrill of a sporting victory, a little challenge between friends, cutthroat business competition or the dire need for military supremacy, the drive to win often leads to excellence.

Nation Vs. Nation

Look at the tremendous achievements that were made during times of war and competion between two or more countries.

The space race between Cold War superpowers the US and the USSR is a perfect example. Do you think the US or the Soviet Union would have pushed as hard to make it to the moon if they weren’t competing? Of course not. Look at how space exploration has slowed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. America and Russia now work together and advancements have declined along with government funding to suport them.

Other technologies such as the internet, GPS, satelites, radar and much more may never have been invented had it not been for times of conflict and compeition between nations. Even the humble Duct Tape was developed for the US military in WWII to protect ammunition boxes from mousiture and other elements.

Racing Ahead

As a motorsport fan it is easy to see how the technological battle by teams in Formula 1, rallying and Le Mans (endurance racing) have contributed so much to road cars.

Traction control which keeps you safe comes from rallying and Formula 1, keeping you safe in bad conditions such as snow and rain while the teams push for faster cornering speeds than their rivals.

Le Mans teams are pushing the limits of diesel and bio-fuel use to get the advantage over other teams – pioneering technology that will make for cheaper and more environmentally friendly motors in the cars we buy.

With some of the worlds brightest minds in Formula 1 developing KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) this year it is belived they could help pioneer technology that could possibly enable people to power their house from electricity generated by driving their car.

Breaking Windows?

If there was no competition for Microsoft do you think they would bother improving Windows at all? They could charge whatever they liked, neglect updates and perform minimal development for new editions.

Instead Apple, Linux and others push Microsoft to improve its operating system.

The Sound of Silence Competition

Look at the music world. Great acts like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and many more battled it out in the charts year after year. They were rivals but they also respected and learnt from each other. They mutually inspired one another to create better music.

The same rivalry (though sadly with violence) can be seen in more recent years in the rap game. What started with the West Coast (Tupac Shakur and Death Row Recrods) versus East Coast (The Notorius B.I.G and Bad Boy Records) feud has continued. Beefs, disstracks and wars of words have pushed artists (and record sales) to outperform and outsell each other.

Smartest and the Fastest

Were you ever the smartest kid in the class? It can get pretty lonely and boring at the top and you can easily become complacent and lose focus on your study. But if you have a few smart classmates competing for that A+ you can be sure you will stay on track and keep improving.

Perhaps you were the star athlete instead. Many of the worlds best athletes were not the best as a child, they were obviouslly gifted but they were challenged by others who pushed them to train harder and develope their natural talents.

Wrtiting Race

I had wasted far to many months writing my ebook, or at least sitting at a computer pretending to write Dream Work Experience and getting nowhere.

That was until I challenged fellow blogger and soon to be ebook author Arun to finish writing our ebooks by a March 31st deadline.

I’d previouslly set a few deadlines for myself to get the book finished and while they helped me get more done, the concrete bet sealed the deal. Wheras previouslly I had been lucky to write 1000 words in a month, in the final week of March I managed to write almost 6,000 words while re-organising the structure and creating a nice read-able layout.

Who is your competion? Who pushes you to achieve?

If you havent got any provoke some competion. I knew Arun and I were both working on a similar task so I proposed a little rivalry. Youll be amazed at what a little friendlly competion can do for you productivity.

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