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Overcome Your Fears

December 13th, 2008 Posted in advice, goals

We are occasionally faced with a challenge that is seemingly insurmountable, something that strikes fear in our hearts yet we still yearn to conquer. The challenge may be physical, but the primary component stopping us is always psychological.

Our subconscious is always erecting barriers and blockades in front of our path for various reasons. This is self sabotage.

Our fears keep us in our place. They hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams and prevent us from changing for the better.

These fears are a throwback to caveman time. When self preservation, true survival and fight or flight instincts were necessary every minute of the day. That Sabre Tooth was lurking outside our cave – yet the fridge was bare. We had to go out and get food. Kill or be killed.

Today those true threats are really few and far between. Yet men and women alike are paralyzed by fear.

Fear of failure, fear of sticking our neck out and reaching for our goals.

You can build up your resistance to fear slowly. Think of all those things you would like to do but deep down are afraid of for whatever reason.

Your list could include going skydiving, writing a book, traveling to another country, approaching a person you are attracted to, or even of just trying a new food.

Pick a low lying branch, something simple from that list or something related to it that also causes you concern. Conquer that lesser fear and build your confidence until you can leap from that plane or get that book published.

For instance trying a new food may be a good place to start. If you like oranges, its not to big a leap to try tangerines. If you enjoy rice and pasta, then cous cous is not such a big change. Slowlly make the change to more exotic foods further from you current tastes.

Likewise for you to progress to skydiving you could begin with something simple as a playground swing. Noting how fun the sensation is. Build up to jumping from a balcony or a diving board. Get comfortable at big heights by looking down from a skyscraper or looking over a cliff. You could even use visualization to prepare yourself. Rehearsing the jump in your mind. Ring up a sky diving instructor and ask them to talk you though the procedure.

If the fear is to great and your motivation to complete the challenge is fading then use this method to see if it is worth the ‘risk’. Look deep within, how great is the fear versus desire balance – how much do you fear the challenge and how much do you desire to conquer it. If your desire is 51% or greater, go for it, forget the fear.

More people die in planes each year than they do skydiving, so take the plunge. You are more likely to die crossing an intersection than you are behind the wheel of a racing car at top speed.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Id like to apologise for the rather large delay between posts, I had a bit of an issue I had to get over. Lesson learned and you will see a post about what I discovered in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading, I hope you stick around for more.

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