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My Ultimate Goals

As follows are my life goals – a giant to do list before I shuffle off this earth. These goals reflect my hobbies and passions, my dreams and my goals. Some are a bit immature, others almost noble. That’s life.

The list will be added to, some goals will be removed, others will be edited.

Ideally I would like to achieve most of these goals before my 50th or 60th birthday, however I’m sure I will still be adding to it then as new things become important to me. Deep down I don’t expect it will ever be completed. In the end I just seek to make as many of my dreams come true as possible

As of Feb 2010 (aged 24) I have achieved 32 of the 126 items on my list (though only the top 100 are listed below the rest are private or boring). Goals completed are highlited in red. This leaves me 94 goals to achieve in 36 years. I also have another 4 goals that I have made a significant ammount of progress on, indicated in blue.


  1. To get ‘better’ after suffering serious illness and being confined to my bed for 18 months. Began mid 2001, an ongoing process for over a year but achived to reasonable levels around September 2001.
  2. Travel the UK.
  3. Live as a nomad overseas for a year.
  4. Go to the Munich Oktoberfest.
  5. Attend a mass celebration like Carnival in Rio.
  6. Go to a Las Vegas Casino play some poker and a bit of roulette.
  7. Go to Monaco – watch the Formula 1 and go to the casino and play some black jack & craps.
  8. Stay on a Private Island.
  9. Travel to at least 5 other continents. Progress so far: Asia.
  10. Travel to at least 25% of the worlds countries (approximately 55 at present). Progress so far: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.
  11. Drive flat-out on a German Autobahn in a sportscar.
  12. Holiday in Hawaii.
  13. Drink Kava in Fiji.
  14. Go on a cruise for at least a week.
  15. Drive around the coast of Australia.
  16. Visit every state, territory and their capitals in Australia. Progress so far: Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory?? & Queensland (though need to visit capital of Brisbane) complete. South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania remain.
  17. Drive from the West Coast of America to the East Coast.
  18. Go to the Burning Man festival.
  19. Spend a week in an ashram or similar.
  20. Do a roadtrip in a limo, school bus or similar outlandish vehicle with a group of friends.
  21. Complete a major hike or climb such as the Everest Base Camp, Kokoda Track or similar.
  22. See the seven wonders of the world.
  23. Do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk.
  24. Own a Ford Mustang, preferably 1965 – 1968 first gerneration model.
  25. Get work experience with a racing team. Completed 24th & 25th of May 2003. Helped the Holden Racing Team PR boss Paul ‘Wally’ Weissel at the Winton round.
  26. Work as a full time / staff journalist. Completed 19th of November 20007, started work for Australasian Motorsport News as Staff Journalist.
  27. Work for a V8 Supercar team. Completed 24th & 25th of May 2003. Helped Holden Racing Team PR boss Paul ‘Wally’ Weissel at the Winton round.
  28. Work for an international racing team (e.g. MotoGP, F1, WSBK, etc.) Completed work experience with Alison Forth for Gaulaouises Fortuna Yamaha MotoGP team and world champion Valentino Rossi at the Australian GP in 2004.
  29. Drive a variety of sports cars, each a separate goal, including a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini.
  30. Interview a Formula 1 driver. Interviewed Mark Webber for Motorsport News magazine 8/2/2008.
  31. Be a passenger in a car with a V8Supercar driver. Raced with Todd Kelly in VB Challange at Winton in 2004.
  32. Complete 1 million kilometres in my car, a 1998 Ford Falcon ex-taxi. Progress as of 27/6/09 is 925,373 only 74,627km left. Thats 300 kilometers a week for just over 4 and a half years to achieve.
  33. Lap around the Mt Panorama Bathurst circuit. Achieved 30/9/08 and 1/10/08.
  34. Drive or be a passenger in a V8Supercar.
  35. Attend Bathurst V8 race and 12/24hr event.
  36. Attend a Formula 1 race. Attended the 2004 Australian GP at Albert Park.
  37. Attend various other races including Indy, JGTC, DTM, A1 GP, WTCC, SBK and a Red Bull Air Race. Each constitute a separate goal.
  38. Attend a MotoGP race. Attended (& worked at) the 2004 Australia GP at Phillip Island.
  39. Make a motorsport “pilgrimage”, attending as many prestigious and varied racing events as possible in a year - Le Man’s 24hr, the Nurburgring 24hr, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Baja 1000, Indy 500.
  40. Compete in at least three races a year for at least five years. Began 2002 (3 races), 2003 (5 races), 2004 (5 races), 2005 (5 races), 2006 (3 races) – continued until 2009.
  41. Do an endurance race (at least 2 hours long solo or minimum 4 hours if team, even if in a gokart).
  42. Race an openwheel race car. Completed 2007, raced Longrem Badstar which my dad built in BAC sprint series.
  43. Win a championship. Won the 2003 Benalla Auto Club Junior Sprint Championship.
  44. Drive a Formula Ford/Formula 3 racing car or similar.
  45. Own a racing simulator or arcade game.
  46. Compete in the Gumball 3000 Rally or similar event not in Australia.
  47. Do Targa Tasmania or similar event in Australia. Dutton, Grand Prix Rally, Classic Adelaide etc.
  48. Own and ride a motorbike. Get licence.
  49. Meet Barry Sheene. Completed 2000. Shared hot chips with at Phillip Island V8Supercar race.
  50. Meet Valentino Rossi. Completed at the 2004 Australian GP whilst completing work experience with his team. Met several times and enjoyed a few conversations.
  51. Have a share &/or property portfolio (8+ stocks, 2+ houses).
  52. Pass VCE. Completed 2003.
  53. Graduate from TAFE or University with an average mark of 75% or greater. Completed 2005, graduated 2006.
  54. Write, have published and sell at least 1,000 copies of a book.
  55. Write and sell an eBook. Completed Dream Work Experience 31/3/2009.
  56. Be published in a magazine. Completed in Australasian Motorsport News November 2007.
  57. Be published in a newspaper. Completed in Bendigo Advertiser September 2001.
  58. Write an autobiography or memoirs.
  59. Have a short story published.
  60. Compete in a World Championship.
  61. Do a crazy stunt that would make P.T. Barnum proud.
  62. Have my own true personal website ( Completed 18th of June, 2008.
  63. Lose 20kg. Began April 2008 – 126kg. Currently 110kg.
  64. Swim the Lorne Pier to Pub.
  65. Atlas Shrugged and Ulysses. Complete – began reading Atlas Shrugged 13/4/2009, completed 26/6/2009. Began reading Ulysses 19/8/2009, completed 4/10/2009.
  66. Go a week without talking.
  67. Learn to juggle properly and be able to do so continuously for at least 5 minutes.
  68. Fund a Kiva loan.
  69. Create a charity or non-profit organisation for a cause important to me.
  70. Go rock climbing and abseiling.
  71. Go white water rafting. Completed 9/1/2010 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  72. Give a life changing speech to more than 300 people.
  73. Go Zorbing. Completed 18/1/2007 in Rotorua, New Zealand.
  74. Go skydiving.
  75. Do the Canyon Swing. Completed 24/1/2007 in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  76. Go paragliding or hang-gliding.
  77. Go snowboarding.
  78. Learn to surf.
  79. Go sailing.
  80. Fire a real gun. Complete in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 8/1/2010. Fired Smith & Wesson revolver and Colt .45
  81. Become a teacher or mentor in some way to others.
  82. Grow a bonsai tree.
  83. Take dance class – tango etc.
  84. Ride an elephant and pat a tiger. Chiang Mai, Thialand 9/1/2010 and 31/1/2010.  Tiger Kingdom & Chiang Dao Elephant Park.

  85. Give someone important to me an Aladdin’s lamp and grant them three wishes.
  86. Help 10 people to create their own list of dream goals and get them started making them come true.
  87. Do some sort of marathon, perhaps Murray Marathon. Need not be running can be swimming, movie marathon, etc.
  88. Create my own signature cocktail (because you can). 2005 created: ‘The Blue Buddha Shooter’ – 2 parts vodka,  1 part blue curacao. Shake with ice, strain into a shot glass. Can also be or poured over ice into a highball with lemonade.
  89. Work as a bartender or own a bar/nightclub.
  90. Design a t-shirt. Completed 2004. AbaCus design.
  91. Meet Hugh Hefner and playmates at the mansion.
  92. Meet Neil Strauss. Completed 25/6/2009 at book signing.
  93. Meet and get to know a a new person everyday for a month or; a new person ever week for 8 months.
  94. Appear in a cinema release movie, even if just an extra.
  95. Have a title in my name. e.g. lord, sir, dr, oam, esq, etc.
  96. Become a (Guinness?) world record holder individually or lead a team record.
  97. See a total solar eclipse.
  98. Fly a Plane.
  99. Buy a really good quality bed. Bought “Simmon’s BackCare” Queen Size bed and base. Purchase 21/1/06 for $1749 and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  100. Throw a party for at least 100 people for as little a reason as possible.


If you have made it this far you might like to read about how my Ultimate Goals came to be.

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