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My Ultimate Goals Revealed

March 9th, 2009 Posted in advice, goals, personal, writing

Today I’m sharing for the first time my list of lifetime goals. I have been writing down and achieving these goals for about eight years, but until now I have kept them to myself.

As I have previously mentioned the catalyst for these came about from my struggle with illness in my early teens. At the time I had little reason to live except the love of my family and my dreams.

I had plenty of time to think over what I would do with my life if I was ever going to get better. Gradually I wrote a list of all the things I would do – big and small. They all seemed so impossible, but as time went on my focus on achieving them became more and more intense.

The First Goal and Onwards

The first goal on that list was to get better. And by September 2001 I was on my way to getting there as the World Trade Center towers collapsed on the 11th. While America and the world was brought to its knees I was slowly regaining the use of mine and the rest of my body. Pushing myself through an agonising and time consuming rehabilitation after being confined to bed for almost 18 months.

With each little goal I ticked off along the way in my rehab, small things like walking or writing for just 10 minutes, my resolve and belief that I could complete other goals increased.

After I could swim for an hour, walk for 30 minutes and eventually return to school full time I turned my attention to what remained on the list.

I quickly ticked off my next goal – to have my writing published in a newspaper. It was only fitting that the story published in my local paper, the Bendigo Advertiser, was about the terrorist attacks.

In the years since then I have slowly been working through that list, achieving some, adding and removing other goals. Now its time to share it with you, I have a few reasons for finally doing so.


First of all is the somewhat selfish reasons, to keep myself accountable and in the hopes of attracting some help and accomplices for some of my more difficult goals. So please if you have some advice or would like to join in the fun of one of my goals please leave a comment or contact me. You can also help by keeping me focused, if I haven’t ticked something off in a while then please give me a nudge back on track.

Beyond the selfishness I really want to inspire others to dream and achieve their goals in life. To reach out from the daily grind and make magic happen. No matter how big or small I want you to know it is possible.

What Goals & How Does it Work?

There are all kinds of goals in there – from achievement I want to make, things I want to own, extreme things I want to do, some of the places I want to visit, things I want to learn and more.

These goals are not permanent. Some may be edited, others may be removed and more will be added over the years. But most shall remain as will my determination to achieve them.

Please recognise though that I wont achieve even half of them over the next few years. I have set a broad deadline of my 50′s or 60′s, thought I’m sure I will still be adding to the list then as new things become important in my life. So deep down I don’t expect to ever complete the list.

So lets go take a look at them then – head on over to My Ultimate Goals.

So What Else?

Over the next few months I will tell a few stories about the goals I have already achieved and begin to add new tales of my continuing progress.

Until then I’d love to see your goals, please throw up a link or even discuss them below.

If you haven’t started your list then please make a start by heading to this previous post of mine. Let me know how you go, one of my goals is to inspire 10 people to make a list of their goals and help them get started achieving them. So please get in contact if you do.

May all your dreams come true,


  1. 3 Responses to “My Ultimate Goals Revealed”

  2. By Philip on Mar 29, 2009

    It is always nice to read other people’s goals. It also serves as a reminder that I can achieve my own goals. Sadly I think lists have too many travel related goals. I know that it is wonderful to travel and experience other things, but I love lists that are heavy on personal development goals and things you can do where you live. Though, I do love your goal to live as a nomad. I hope to do that for at least a year too.

    I didn’t know if you ever saw sites like these, but I think there are places you can test drive cars. I noticed number 29. A site like offers all three. Sadly it isn’t in your country, but you might be able to tie that in when you are visiting another country.

    I am just curious on your view of vague goals. I heard that it is harder to achieve those since you don’t have a nice easy way to tell if you did it or not. One that seemed a bit too vague was “Do a crazy stunt that would make P.T. Barnum proud.” It is an awesome goal, but I am curious if you would be as likely to do it if it was clearer?

    Good luck with goals! I look forward to hearing about stories of the completed ones.

  3. By Bill on Mar 29, 2009

    You make a good point Philip, there is a lot of travel on there and not much personal development.

    Despite the fact it is a huge part of my life, as important if not more of a priority than travel; I don’t really see personal development or elements of it as a goal. To me it’s just gradual improvement in all areas of my life. Kaizen!

    I just had a quick look and I really noticed only 2 or 3 goals that could be classed as self improvement. However in order to achive many of the others I will have to improve myself.

    For instance in order to give a life changing speech for 300+ people I will have to improve my speaking voice, become more confident in front of large groups of people and more.

    To me self improvement is something you do in order to achieve other things, not so much a goal of its own. Might have to write more about this soon.

    We have a few similar companies in Australia that let you drive a bunch of exotic cars, might have to do one soon. I like your idea of tying it in with travel. Would love to drive a Ferrari in Italy and a Porsche in Germany.

    I agree on your point about vague goals. Most of mine are pretty measurable, that one is intentionally vague because I don’t know what stunt I want to do, but to me its pretty specific I want to do something awesome and as original as possible that would have impressed P.T. Barnum.

    I’ll have a story of some of the goals up by tomorrow (Tuesday) along with a surprise I am really excited about.

  4. By Don on Jun 14, 2009

    Having clear goals in life is both motivating and inspiring. It makes the difference between living a fulfilling life and just living a routine and boring one.

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