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How I Achived My Dream Work Experience

March 31st, 2009 Posted in advice, goals, personal, writing

Today I’m incredibly excited – it’s a big goals day.

I just ticked off one of my ultimate goals by writing an ebook about how you can get the work experience or internship of your dreams.

Several years ago I ticked off a number of other goals by gaining work experience in high school and then again in college (or TAFE here in Australia) with two of the worlds greatest racing teams – so it feels like things are coming slightlly full circle.


I’ve been working on this ebook for over a year now – I spent about 5 years before then studying, experementing and getting my hands dirty figuring this stuff out.

I have slowlly written the book that I wish someone had given me 6 years ago.

Instead I can save you the hardwork.

This ebook takes you through everything step by step with plenty of examples and unconventional stratergies your parents and teachers have not told you about. Quite simply it will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else applying for work experience.

Here is a link to the first chapter of the ebook, it tells the story of my work experience oportunities including working with an 8 time world champion.

Download the Dream Work Experience sample chapter. Right click, Save Target or ‘Save link as’. File is in PDF format and will open in Adobe Reader.

If youre in high school, college or university and want to kick-start your career with some incredible work experience and continue on to a great job then I trully belive you should get a copy. Click here for more information.

If this is not your thing, thats cool. Come back in a few days and well resume regular programing.

Have a great day and achive your dreams,


P.S. It’s April Fools here in Australia as I write, but this is no joke. I had planned to be finished yesterday but things always take a little longer than expected. I’d been writing this for over a year now but got more done in the last month and particuarlly more in the last week than the previous 11 months.

The power of a deadline is amazing. If you want to get something done set a deadline, tell people about it and then work like mad to get there.

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