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Looking Forward and Looking Back

January 7th, 2009 Posted in goals, personal, travel, writing

Without a sense of direction in life we can be lost amidst a sea of turmoil, being pushed from one wave to another, sometimes sinking sometimes floating but never sure of where we may wash up.

This is the primary reason I set and follow my goals. Before the start of each new year I review how i preformed on my goals for that year and set out my direction for the year to come.

So without further delay here is a summary of how I performed on my goals last year and what I plan to achieve this year.

2008 Review:

Travel was a major focus and I fell short in my goals. I did not make it overseas as I had planed but did a fair bit of domestic travel instead.

My finances were another area of focus. I significantly increased my savings despite suffering a major setback in losing my job early in the year. I made some progress in my freelance writing career and paid blogging. The recent financial dramas affected my passive income, I just fell short of target monthly income. I re-evaluated my desire to buy property. Also failed to create an ebook by the end of the year.

I made major progress in my health, losing 16kg and improving my diet and exercise. Gave up alcohol for 6 months and am happier, healthier and maintaining a stress free life.

Relationships are vital to me and I was happy with my result there in terms of friends, family and intimate relationships.

I had a lot of fun and adventure. Participated in several car races and lapped the most famous circuit in Australia.

All in all it was a pretty good year. Achieved quite a lot, fell short on a few things which will be corrected this year. I enjoyed the journey and am satisfied with what I achieved.

2009 Goals:

This year is about getting all major facets of life in alignment and becoming a well rounded person.


Have an incredible fun filled year, with lots of adventure, exploring new things and continuing to enjoy my favourite activities. I am to complete at least 4 fun goals from my lifetime list (things like rock climbing, paragliding, etc. I will post these up very soon).

Travel to at least 3 states (excluding my home states) of Australia, including at least 1 state I have not been to. Travel to at least 3 new countries and spend a minimum of 2 months overseas.


Make new friends who are in tune with my desired life style and spend more time with my valued friends. Enjoy fun and enriching romantic relationships. Continue to have great relationships with immediate and extended family.


In 2008 I made some good progress on my freelance writing career, this year I will dedicate more energy to it. Ease focus from paid blogging and push myself to get back to true paid journalism. Finish draft of first novel by July. Continue to improve this blog and write great posts to share with my readers.

Aim for $400 a month passive income by June – though December is much more realistic. Currently at about $130.

Create my first online product by February. Stay tuned for more on the ebook I plan to launch soon, I’m sure it will be a tremendous help to quite a few of my readers.


Continue to lose weight – target of 90kgs. I currently weigh 110kg. Keep improving diet and exercising for 30minutes plus,?? at least 5 days each week. Continue to improve strength and endurance through weights and cardio (explore new cardio sources such as rowing and boxing and increase variety). Also incorporate more stretching to increase flexibility, perhaps yoga.

So that’s the plan, stay tuned to see how it unfolds.

  1. 4 Responses to “Looking Forward and Looking Back”

  2. By Philip on Jan 8, 2009

    I was curious where the $130 passive income comes from? Is that freelance work, if so where? I am hoping to start making any form of passive income.

    Oh, which new countries do you hope to visit?

  3. By Arun on Jan 8, 2009

    Count me in on the ebook bet Bill! Good idea to get both of our asses in gear…plus an article detailing how awesome I am will be nice to read (although, with the richness of the aforementioned subject matter, it may have to be a novel rather than a mere post ;)

  4. By Bill on Jan 8, 2009

    Philip, the passive income is from investments. The bulk of which at the moment is in a high interest online savings account. I do not count freelance work as passive income.
    I have far too many countries I want to visit. I think I was aiming to low with the three countries. Might amend that. I havent booked anything but this year I would like to see the UK, some of Europe and perhaps a few Asian countries as well.

    Arun glad to hear you are in. I look forward to more trash talk and you sharing with your readers how truly awesome I really am :P

  5. By Meditation Techniques on Jan 14, 2009

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