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Fast Facts About Me

July 18th, 2009 Posted in illness, personal

After my last case of sharing and caring, I thought I would pass on some more bite sized nuggets of information about me that you really could do without.

My kidneys are messed up. One is far too big and in totally the wrong place, the other is far too small though in the correct position. They are the perfect metaphor, like me they are quite strange but still seem to work just fine.

I was diagnosed with benign intracranial hypertension – or something like that. It’s more fun to say than it is to explain, that’s a job for another day. I really wish it had a better acronym, BIH is kind of lame – not like AIDS, SIDS or even SARS. Fortunately my own acronym initials, BAR, are much more exciting – they have their own code and also serve alcohol.

While still on the fascinating topic of acronyms, I actually studied the subject in my last two years of high school, or at least it seemed that way. In truth I was studying and considering a career involving the disgustingly murky world of international politics, Australian foreign policy and social studies. These fields are littered with so many acronyms I actually have a special political dictionary that lists them all. ALP, ASEAN, GDP, IMF, INTERFET… even more importantly I found out exactly what antidisestablishmentarianism is all about, sadly there is no acronym.

My lucky number is 35. With it in my old email address/chat handles I once got kicked out of a teen chat room because moderators thought I was a 35 year old paedophile – true story. Not quite as embarrassing as those people who put the year they created there account in the name. bill2001 is monumentally sad. People who commit such a crime should be doomed to create a new email address each year, to keep pace with the world.

I had one blog before this several years ago. It lasted a few months and charted a 30 day experiment to create passive income. Somehow it earned me $7 through AdSense, however i lost $200 on a not so well thought out sports betting theory I created. Fortunately my investments are doing a lot better and I my limited gambling efforts since have seen much better returns.

I share my birthday with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Aristotle Onassis. I don’t like my chances of outshining either of them. Although it is slightly possible that I could achieve the wealth of Dr King or the social impact Onassis.

I hate talking on the phone. This chronic aversion probably stems from puberty when I answered my family’s home phone people would often mistake my breaking voice for my sisters. Not good.

Fortunately they now mistake it for my fathers, unfortunately the same people may soon mistake my balding head for his long ago shiny dome. If only I could inherit his ability to build houses and repair cars instead. Maybe in another decade my voice will be mistaken for my mothers, only time will tell, however I’m sure my hair will not resemble hers.

I used to pride myself on my repertoire of witty comebacks and one liners, littering them amongst everyday conversation in the same way a sailor uses explicative’s. I now realise it was incredibly annoying and now use them far more sparingly.

I have plenty more embarrassing stories that will either become a book, or make a psychologist very rich some day. Until then I will continue to share them here from time to time.

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