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Dream Work Experience

Learn the secrets your teachers didn’t tell you to get the work experience or internship you want and turn it into your dream job.

We all have a dream job, but very few of us truly believe we will ever make it a reality.

I’m sure you know many people stuck in boring jobs, with bad bosses and poor pay.

They complain constantly, are stressed, grumpy and even angry about their dull job. It affects their whole life.

Deep down you don’t want to be like that. You want to be happy, well paid and doing something you truly enjoy.


Work is such a big part of our life – we spend over 250 days a year in the office. So why spend all that time doing something you hate, dreading your alarm clock every morning.

Find a job that you leap out of bed for each morning, feeling excited and happy to get there, knowing you will have a great day and earn plenty of money.


While in school and college I gained work experience/internships with two of the worlds greatest racing teams, combining my passion for writing and car racing.

After graduating my experience landed me work at Australia’s most respected car racing magazine before turning to freelance work.

Though your dream job may be totally different to mine, I’m sure using my unique guide you too can make it come true.



Our teachers, parents and student advisors have tried to do the right thing and teach us how to get a job, but they often give the wrong advice.

They place far too much importance on writing nice resumes and preparing for formal interviews. These can be useful, but there are many better ways to get a job, particularly the job of your dreams.

My ebook combines some timeless advice with plenty of unconventional stratergies that have been sucsesfully tested by myself and others.

Chances are there are thousands of people out there who want the exact some work experience and job as you, many with same company. Some may have better grades than you, others may nicer or better looking – but, with the tips in this ebook you will have an unfiar advantage over all of them.


One of the biggest things holding you back may be uncertainty of just what sort of job you want. If so, you are not alone. I went through the same problems and made it out the other side.

I dedicate a whole chapter detailing how to get over this, outlining many ways to find your calling in life.

This section of the book alone is well worth the small cost.

Put an end to the confusion, the nagging and pressure from family and friends to -figure out what you’re going to do with your life’.


So who should buy this ebook?

Anyone in high school, college or university who wants to kick-start their career with some incredible work experience and continue on to a great job.

It does not matter if you are unsure what job you want. I’ll help you decide.

If you know exactly what company you want to intern at, I’ll help you get there too.

If your sick of hearing the same advice from teachers, parents and every other good intentioned person you know- this ebook is definitely for you.

However if you are not willing to put in a little hard work, or be willing to invest just $19.94 to make your dreams come true then this ebook is not for you. Good luck!

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I will show you step-by-step how to apply for an internship or work experience.

The ebook includes templates and easy to follow guides to make sure you get it right first time.

I just wish someone had written this for me when I was in high school and college. Would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of failures – at least now you can skip the same mistakes I made and go straight to the success.


Imagine yourself just a year or two from now, working at your dream job. You are happy, wealthy and enjoying a great life thanks to the small investment in this book. Your family is so proud and your friends so impressed while all your old classmates are stuck in the same crappy jobs or the unemployment line.

The small cost has dramatically improved your life.

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So just what are you going to find in the 100+ page book-

  • Introduction – My Story, Your Book – 9
  • Chapter 1 – What Do You Want- 21
  • Chapter 2 – Where to Start- 28
  • Chapter 3 – Do Your Homework – 34
  • Chapter 4 – Who to Contact & How to Find Them – 41
  • Chapter 5 – Who You Know, Not What You Know – 50
  • Chapter 6 – Thinking Outside the Square & Little Big Things – 56
  • Chapter 7 – Selecting Your Approach Weapon – 69
  • Chapter 8 – Selling Yourself for Fun & Profit – 74
  • Chapter 9 – The Art of the Pitch – 80
  • Chapter 10 – Prepare for Rejection, Be Ready to Accept and Keep Improving – 88
  • Chapter 11 – General Tips and the First Day – 93
  • Chapter 12 – Before You Finish & Feedback – 98
  • Chapter 13 – Once Your Done – From Work Experience to Job – 102
  • Recommended Resources – 110
  • Acknowledgments and Afterthoughts – 112
  • Still unsure? I offer a full 365-day money back guarantee.

    I know what this information has done for my life. And I know the potential to tremendously help you change your life if you follow my book. I’m sure you will get amazing, life changing results.

    If for any reason whatsoever you feel that the information in Dream Work Experience wasn’t worth the $19.94 you paid, I’ll gladly refund you the full amount. You can even have a full 365-days to try all of the strategies you’ll learn.

    I truly believe with all of my heart that Dream Work Experience will make a dramatic impact on your life. See for yourself!

    All the best,

    Bill Riddell

    Please note: This is just my introductory price to jump start the book and get people talking about it. Paying just $19.94 for this unique and life changing information should be a crime. It’s just a small cost to be on your way to having a great paying job of your dreams – you could earn the cost of the book back in just a few hours.

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