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Beyond the Horizon

August 18th, 2010 Posted in personal, travel, writing

It’s 5am and I cant sleep. I’ve been working on my first novel and dreaming of more travel.

I’ve discussed the thousand dollar penalty for not getting a draft finished this month, but I haven’t talked about the other side of the coin – the reward. It’s only fair to give a reward, escaping the penalty is great and getting a draft finished will no doubt be a rewarding experience but to complete the trinity of motivation there needs to be a tangible reward.

In this case its the prospect of further travel – booking a flight out of Australia to start the next trip I’ve been contemplating since before I returned in February.


As I lay sideways across my queen bed, my feet hanging over the edge, my chin propped on a pillow and my arms extended to my laptop resting on a chair, I think about that feeling of being in a new country, a new city, in a new bed – contemplating the fresh horizon to explore.

New sights, sounds and smells. New culture, customs and quirks of daily life.

I think about breaking out of the daily habits I have got myself back into, replacing the 20 minutes chasing my mums dog and throwing the ball around with climbing the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya or Siem Reap.

That brings me to thoughts of breaking back out of my TV viewing habit. I’m not glued to the thing, but I do have a fair collection of shows I don’t like to miss each week. Instead I could be watching the scenes of Sisowath Quay from our apartment balcony while sipping scotch smoking a very bad cigar – pretending to be Deny Crane and Alan Shaw from one of my all time favourite TV shows Boston Legal. Or the view of Bangkok from the Vertigo rooftop cocktail bar over 60 floors above the city.

I think about leaving behind my daily diet for the delicious pad see-ew topped with kaffir lime juice from the street vendor in Chiang Mai or the amazing pastries found in the back streets of Hanoi (compliments of French colonialism). Even the novelty of discovering my favourite drink as a kid, cold Milo, is to be had seemingly everywhere in Kuala Lumpor, even in a can or McDonalds.


I have no idea what I will experience on my next journey. I haven’t even decided on destinations.

I’ve thought of a Trans-Siberian journey, exploring my families roots in the UK, indulging my passion for motorsport with a pilgrimage to the great races of Europe, perhaps jetting to American to buy an old Mustang and drive coast to coast. I could explore more of Asia – Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Laos, Philippines, China, Japan… maybe something I haven’t even thought of yet, or all of the above.

Beyond this horizon, is another horizon to marvel at, explore and leave behind.


I came in well over budget for my thousand words today, which is fortunate as yesterday was a disaster. Since its 5am, the today I refer to is technically yesterday, yesterday is the day before and tomorrow is already here. The joys of being productive when the sun goes down.

Somewhere in the world it’s bed time. Until then, I’m going to rest my head and think of the horizon and those thousand words to pour out next time I’m conscious.

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  2. By Starsailor on Sep 17, 2010

    Well…. did ya get it done?

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